APOLLO Insurance

Apollo is changing the insurance industry with its digital-forward approach.

Advertising Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Google

Apollo is changing the insurance industry with its digital-forward approach.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead.


Increase in Leads per month.

The Challenge & Client Goals

Product Knowledge

All products have a learning curve, some steeper than others. When communicating to buyers in saturated markets, companies need to be thoughtful about how they position their offerings. Apollo's biggest challenge was marketing their custom process of buying insurance online but it also became the advantage we needed. We leveraged Apollo’s new and improved e-commerce style of buying insurance to get them impeccable results.

How We Helped

Selling a unique product like Apollo requires some trials along the way.

Based on extensive A/B testing, we found that promoting a specific product or a general small enterprise showing the incentives of the business was the most profitable strategy. To achieve a high return on investment, we used general small business campaigns with intriguing creatives.

As a result of the data we collected, we determined that we needed to develop a tailored retargeting strategy to gain an even greater number of leads.

To optimize campaign conversion rates, we tested a variety of ads and landing pages.

Through isolating audiences across Facebook, Instagram and Google, we were able to determine what the most profitable user groups were and what specific products consumers were most interested in.

Our team not only created successful Facebook campaigns but also built an in-depth Google ad funnel that gained a substantial amount of leads and scaled Apollo Insurance’s return on investment while decreasing the cost per lead.