So Luxury

So Luxury is a local company created by two mothers looking for a solution to help their children with their eczema. From their solution, a natural bath, body, and cleaning product company was born.


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AVG Conversion Rate


Increase in returning customers

The Challenge & Client Goals


Performance marketing's profitability depends on experimentation, efficiency and consistency. Pivoting where needed, building on post-IOS audiences and dynamic ad formats that deliver has resulted in exceeding So Luxury's performance marketing goals right from the get-go.

New Customer Acquisition

So Luxury's existing customer base and following deserve applause. However, reaching a wider audience and acquiring new customers were areas for improvement. So Luxury had a significant gap in their marketing strategy to broaden their reach with performance marketing.

Autopilot Marketing Team

With orders flowing, So Luxury needed a team that could streamline their performance marketing and deliver results. Our team confidently took the lead in all aspects of strategy, content direction, and implementation starting with onboarding.

How We Helped

The Google Strategy

Our main goal with google was to drive conversions and bring traffic to the website. To do this our team created a variety of google ad campaigns to test what type of ad would draw in the most customers.

A part of this process involved doing a deep dive into the natural body and skin care community to understand the rules and regulations around ad copy. This process took time but once we were able to figure out the right language to use based on our research and our client’s guidance we launched With a variety of campaigns across the Google Ad Network.

We saw an immediate response from people actively searching for the brand. With the data we received from the campaign’s running we were able to fine-tune our campaigns to reach an even wider audience than so luxury had done organically without paid ads. The strategies we have implemented have resulted in consistent sales and traffic to their site.

The Meta Strategy

With no prior data to work off and after extensive research, we began developing Meta campaigns based on post-iOS strategies with the intent of reaching broader audiences.

With this goal, we explored various interest-based audiences and leveraged lookalike audiences to acquire new customers and bring in results.

We saw plenty of success with middle-of-funnel campaigns targeting social media engagement and web visitors due to the volume of traffic directed to their website and their overall organic brand presence on Meta.

Creatively, the introduction of dynamic format ads and catalogues to winning campaigns greatly appealed to different users as well as repeat and new customers.

Putting into practice our winning strategies has resulted in an impressive return on ad spend and streamlined a substantial number of returning customers.