Smitn Bebe is a female-owned Canadian business based in Vancouver on a mission to leave moms and kids smitten. Known for their colourful and vibrant designs, Smitn Bebe children’s clothes and accessories go beyond the ordinary. With our help, their revenue follows suit with no problem.


  • Facebook
  • Google


Increase in revenue growth.


Increase in online visitors.


Increase in repeat customers.


Increase in orders.


Increase in conversion rate.

The Challenge & Client Goals


Having an extraordinary brand presence isn’t enough to get you scaling. Smitn Bebe's product-market fit was well established. All they needed was the right digital advertising agency to grow their top-line revenue without shooting up costs.

Competitive Market

If you have great products, you'll have some cheap knockoffs to deal with. The best way to fight knock-offs is to develop a strong high-quality brand reputation and that’s precisely what we did with Smitn Bebe.

Measuring Success

The iOS 14.5  introduced some challenges to tracking Facebook ads and Smitn Bebe felt this pain. We were able to provide our client with the best tracking possible by setting up their ads manager with the necessary steps and campaigns to conform to Facebook's new regulations.

How We Helped

Utilizing data-driven and user-generated content, we started creating powerful campaigns that targeted highly engaged audiences.

We used multiple ad formats, with ad copy that truly resonated with their ideal customer, and we saw a huge increase in return right from the start.

We knew their existing audiences hadn't fully committed to buying. By isolating audiences, we discovered the most profitable interests, behaviors, custom audiences and lookalikes.  

With this in mind, we developed various multi-level campaigns while slowly scaling ad spend that spoke to each user differently to rapidly increase sales to their online store.

Not only were we able to consistently establish a breakeven point within their product margins, we heavily relied on our in-depth performance metrics to drive our next steps to surpass their revenue goals.