Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess is a mother-daughter team pursuing big dreams while juggling full-time careers and everything in between, just like you! The founders of Smash + Tess believe every individual, in every phase of life, should feel cute and comfy, which is why they’re striving to foster inclusivity and diversity within their community.


Why Smash + Tess?

♥ Slowing down the fashion cycle

♥ Making everything from authentically happy, healthy origins

♥ Shaping a new future for fashion and taking their #SmashTessFam along for the whole ride!

Advertising Platforms






Increase in Return on Ad Spend.


Increase in overall revenue from ads.


Increase in overall orders.

The Challenge & Client Goals

When it comes to their Canadian roots, Smash + Tess has made a lasting impression with their brand presence and reach. 


We've come in to help Smash + Tess grow profitably and ROI in the US and Canadian markets, which is another story.


Having outgrown traditional platforms, Smash + Tess needed to find new ways to acquire upper funnel audiences while maintaining their amazing repeat purchase behaviour. 


Keeping up with competitors and smashing goals required consistent systems and high-quality ad content to stand out.

How We Helped

In today's world, shoppers can shop anywhere and on any platform they choose.


In order to acquire new users, we launched new platforms as the first step in our plan of action for Smash + Tess. 


Next, we audited all previous content and determined what content at each stage of the funnel generated the highest quality traffic.


Develop systems that absorb the cleanest data possible for omnichannel advertising by working hands-on with our tracking team.


Continue work on growth channels for new user acquisition in the states by leveraging platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Bing

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