Smash + Tess was founded by a mother-daughter team, who, like you, are pursuing big dreams while managing full-on family lives and everything in between. Every body, in every chapter of life, should feel comfy and cute and this is a place where everyone is welcome and celebrated...

  • Slowing down the fashion cycle
  • Making everything from authentically happy, healthy origins
  • Being based in the same area codes as the expert seamstress who craft our collections
  • Shaping a new future for fashion and taking their #SmashTessFam along for the whole ride!


  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Bing


Blended ROAS (50% increase)


Directly Attributed ROAS (200% increase)

5 months at a glance:

The Challenge & Client Goals

Smash + Tess has an extremely strong brand presence within their home country of Canada.

Need to expand into the US profitably

Need Reliable Data

Need to hit ROAS goals to maintain profitability

Need to reach new customers at a lower CPM

They were exhausting typical platforms and needed to find new avenues for TOF acquisition while continuing their amazing repeat purchase behaviour

Hands-on support with consistent systems to make their drops and collaborations as seamless as possible

The brand wanted high-quality creatives that grab the attention of consumers

The roadmap to success:

Launched new platforms to begin acquiring new users

Audited all previous content and established what brought the highest quality of traffic within each stage of the funnel.

Worked hands-on with the team to develop systems on how they can absorb the cleanest data possible to paint the picture of omnichannel advertising

Implemented first-party, reliable tracking

Continuing to grow channels for new user acquisition in the states by leveraging platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Bing

4 million more impressions in 2 fewer months on 30% less ad spend (12% increase over previous 7 months)

Case 02:

Black Friday /cyber Monday

We Crushed it!


23x ROAS during BF/CM (a 400% increase from 2021)


more net new email subscribers (for the month over previous year)

The Challenge & Client Goals

Smash + Tess has an extremely strong brand presence within their home country of Canada.

They had a goal of 7x ROAS for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022, which would represent a modest increase over the previous years of 3x

They also wanted to improve tracking given the recent changes with iOS 14 and implement  cross-channel attribution modeling

Given all of the talk in the news about recessions and the decline in consumer spending, they were understandably pessimistic about the potential revenue during this year's Black Friday Cyber Monday sales.

The roadmap to success:

We started with implementing a first-party tracking tool for cross-channel attribution tracking, which relies on first-party data collected via the website to track consumers back to their source of origin and track their journey far beyond the typical attribution window seen on ad platforms. This will help with accurately tracking customer lifetime value and the impact of retargeting efforts over time

Second, we built lead-gen campaigns specifically aimed at collecting new customer data for future LTV. These proved to be very effective at collecting new email addresses and contributed immensely to the growth in sales during this years BF/CM.

Next we built consolidated campaigns specifically for Black Friday/Cyber Monday relying heavily on retargeting as well as top-of-funnel new customer acquisition across the US and Canada