Overstory Media Group

Overstory Media Group (OMG) is an independent media organization on a mission to share diverse stories and perspectives throughout Canada. They believe they can strengthen communities by helping people find common ground through high-quality, fact-based, hyperlocal storytelling told by journalists and creators who share this key belief.


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Decrease in Cost Per Subscriber


Increase in monthly subscribers

The Challenge & Client Goals

Overstory Media manages 8 media brands and hopes to expand. Our client came to us looking to expand their newsletter subscriber list as well as readership for each brand.

After seeing what they had done previously, we decided to leverage trending news topics to gain email subscribers. By designing high-converting graphics for each advertisement and creating customer-created lead forms, we achieved this.

How We Helped

To entice readers, you need to do something out of the ordinary.

The first step to getting more subscribers to join a newsletter mailing list was to craft an engaging signup message.

Our team created customized lead forms and campaigns leveraging trending news topics for each brand.

We scrapped generic calls to action urging visitors to "subscribe to the newsletter," and used topic-specific language to create a more interesting proposition that functioned as a lead magnet.

Once we tweaked boring and traditional signup language, the results were instant.

Not only did we take the time to customize each lead form, but we also brought in our own graphic design team to create standout content that really drove traffic and engagement.

As part of our effort to keep up with content updates and feedback, we developed a smooth process with their internal team for following up on all advertising campaigns.