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Meal Ticket Brands

Meal Ticket Brands is the next generation of virtual restaurants leveraging food delivery with the emergence of third-party delivery apps. As a subsidiary of the Joseph Richard Group, Meal Ticket Brands combines all the elements that make restaurants successful and curates them for direct-to-consumer delivery through various meal delivery platforms.

Advertising Platforms




Increase in monthly leads 


Increase in monthly LPVs


Decrease in cost per LPV

The Challenge & Client Goals

Competitive Market

No other boutique is as unique as The Heart. Standing out among the market noise with accurate product availability and engaging creatives became a priority in our strategy.

Inventory Turnover

Managing stock shortages can be a blessing and a curse. Keeping up with The Heart’s high inventory turnover created the challenge of developing custom content per product drop that we were able to tackle.


Efficiency and consistency are key when it comes to profitability. We developed an outside-the-box strategy to help The Heart exceed its revenue targets.

How We Helped

The Hearts advertising was simply lacking expertise and management, in strategy and creativity.

We had a tremendous opportunity to test out a variety of ads, as there was no carousel, product collection, instant experience or video ads being used.

We began by developing highly engaging creatives in a short amount of time that we used as a base to slowly scale the advertising budget.


Not only was creativity a big factor in The Heart’s success, we knew we needed to introduce several campaign types to appeal to different users and impulse buyers. 

Our team had built a solid marketing funnel with catalogues that dramatically improved ROAS & streamlined heavy amounts of sales instantly.

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