Meal Ticket Brands

Meal Ticket Brands is the next generation of virtual restaurants leveraging food delivery with the emergence of third-party delivery apps. As a subsidiary of the Joseph Richard Group, Meal Ticket Brands combines all the elements that make restaurants successful and curates them for direct-to-consumer delivery through various meal delivery platforms.


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Increase in monthly leads


Increase in monthly LPVs


Decrease in cost per LPV

The Challenge & Client Goals

Meal Ticket Brands positions itself as an avenue for restaurants to generate additional revenue outside of their original menu with the emergence of third-party delivery apps.

After establishing a strong presence in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, the goal was to expand across Canada. To achieve this, we focused on acquiring new and qualified leads to become MTB Kitchen Partners.


With changing times, new technologies, and the emergence of the ghost kitchen concept during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Meal Ticket Brands needed to differentiate itself from competitors and promote its diverse portfolio of brands by leveraging paid advertising on platforms like Meta.

Measuring Quality of Leads:

To measure the effectiveness of our paid efforts, we had to place an emphasis on quality. To do so, we optimised our campaigns to reach ideal kitchen partners with the right audience.

How We Helped

The social media platforms of today allow us to target customers based on their location, interests, and behaviours.

A variety of audience testing was conducted in order to identify and pinpoint our go-to target audiences.

To capture our audience's attention, we began by auditing all existing content to determine what type of content would be suitable to deliver the message.

Using that content, we repurposed it into highly engaging creatives that highlight what MTB is looking for in a potential kitchen partner, as well as how MTB increases restaurant revenue.

Having built systems to attract prospects and maintain accurate tracking, we were able to consistently attract qualified leads at a low cost.

Scaling and iterating on the best-performing creatives followed